Muurla Design Marketing Oy

Muurla Design Marketing Ltd focuses on the design, sales and marketing of interior decoration and gift items as well as tableware for daily use. Glassware is manufactured and marketed for both domestic market and internationally. Most of the glassware is produced at Muurla Glassworks in Finland. We also have very efficient production unit in Finland for wooden trays and coasters. All our enamel is also produced in Europe. 

Muurla works as a licensee for three famous brands Moomins, Angry Birds and Mutts.

Muurla has worked with Moomins since 2009 and products are sold widely all over the world. The Finnish brand Angry Birds has been a license since 2013. Mutts is a novelty at Muurla's licenses and it is starting in late summer 2014 when Muurla is launching a wide range of pets products.

Muurla's products are sold through out thousands of retail points all over the world. 

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